Edge of The Storm

Storm chasing has become a way of life for me, as each chase season comes to an end I look forward to nothing else than the year to come. Here is a brief glimpse of the 2014 chase season, one of many more to come.

Music: Magnetar - Terry Devine-King / Towards the Light - Gareth Johnson / Paul Mottram

Melbourne Shelf Cloud

Sunday 11/10/15 was certainly an amazing chase day, I was going to run north where the conditions were more favourable but instead decided to head east for the mountains and try to get an impressive vantage point to watch cell development over the Melbourne metro area.

Pili Lani - Big Island Hawaii

My video compilation of an 8 day discovery of Big Island - Hawaii One of the most amazing, dynamic places you can visit on this Earth. All at your fingertips on one island!

Music: "Storm" by Jahzzar / "Snow Monkeys" by Candlegravity