End of another chase season by Jason O'Brien

Well another chase season has come to an end and I will be flying back to Australia tomorrow night. It has been a hell of an adventure this year with ridiculous amounts of travelling, making many new friends and new memories along the way. 

Most people cannot understand what storm chasing is all about and the close friendships that are formed travelling the country day in day out. There is more to storm chasing than simply getting a tornado, it is also about the adventure itself and all aspects of weather in general.

This years chase season was especially challenging for all chasers and it has involved tons of travelling getting into position day to day. This year we covered 11,073 miles (17,820 km) in 20 days across 10 US states not to mention Saskatchewan and Manitoba while we were in Canada.

We have covered all the way from the Mexico border right into Canada and managed to cross the Canada border 3 times in 1 day chasing storms. It has been a hell of a trip to say the least.

Looking forward to sharing content shortly with everyone from this year along with plans for next years project!

Back in the Panhandle by Jason O'Brien

Been a very busy couple of days, we had an amazing day yesterday playing in New Mexico. We ended up in Roy, New Mexico with some amazing cell structure with rotation that almost dropped a tornado in the perfect spot. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be and the lowered base disappeared after 10 minutes. 

We didn't leave empty handed though with amazing structure shots, mammatus cloud formations everywhere and getting hammered with hail while filming.

We are playing the border around New Mexico / Texas again today, heres hoping!

Pictures to come soon!

Gustnado's by Jason O'Brien

Well 2014 is still living up to its reputation of disappointment again, today didn't go so well when it came to tornados but we managed to go head on into a gustnado while blasting west to try and meet a new developing storm. There was also very large hail today in various areas (up to tennis ball size). Chilling out at the hotel now watching the lightning show.

Video footage coming soon!

Bullseye by Jason O'Brien

After 2 days driving and 1120 miles we are almost in position finally, area of interest is right where it was predicted and we have another 6 hours on the road today to get in position on the Canada boarder. Things are looking good!

We are about to leave Miles City, Montana heading north.

Calm Before the Storm by Jason O'Brien

Another day of storms yesterday as we chased right to the Mexico border. There was a storm of interest just across the border but we decided to pursue a storm to the north-west just into New Mexico. 

We ended up with a storm that quickly developed and we decided to go through the hail core, amazing photos and footage followed.

We are currently punching it north for Montana / Canada to get setup for some amazing stuff to come.

Still in it by Jason O'Brien

Was an amazing day yesterday in southern Texas. Managed to chase down developing storms from the South-West and tracked them to San Angelo where we have stopped for the night. The storms put on an amazing show well into the evening with continuous lightning and thunder.

Looks like we will be chasing around here again today, possibly further south towards Mexico.

Panasonic GH4 4K Footage

Testing weather sealing