Melbourne Zombie Shuffle - 2015 / by Jason O'Brien

Well another year, another Zombie Shuffle complete in Melbourne. Another fantastic event unlike any other full of wonderful themes and subjects to photograph (if you can avoid being bitten). Every year I look forward to the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle as it is always a refreshing change.

Unfortunately every year this event becomes more crowded due to its growing popularity, while it is great to see so many new themes each year it is also quite frustrating with the new "selfie" generation who have a habit of pushing in and interrupting a photoshoot followed by a scream and running away when someone tries to bite them? Go figure...

My shooting style is different for these events, I don't like to set subjects up for a pose, I prefer them to be natural and I will sneak in my shots from a distance without interruption, you will notice in most of my shots I tend to go for more feeling over something that looks staged just for that shot.

The larger images below as some of my personal favorites from the day, the entire gallery is at the bottom. Full resolution images are available by filling out the form at the very bottom and a small donation to help with the endless hours it takes to edit these photos and keep my camera equipment running.

Many thanks go out to the organizers and volunteers that make this event happen year on year. It must be one hell of a job!

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