Victoria / NSW Storms - 31/10/15 / by Jason O'Brien

There is nothing better in my life right now than chasing storms. Normally I would be flying half way around the world to do this in the US... Every now and then however, Australia throws us a curve ball and delivers a day and chasing experience never to be forgotten.

October 31, 2015 was a unique day for storm chasers, models were promising from early in the week, remained relatively stable and it also happened to conveniently fall on the weekend! The day began by driving to Shepparton, VIC to get in position for potential storm development later in the day. We were sitting just west of central Shepparton waiting to see how lucky we were, cell's began to pop up on the satellite around 2pm to the west and we waited to see if further development would occur north which we were better positioned for.

Eventually we decided to head west on the A300 from Shepparton and pursue a cell that had split off from the line and began moving north-east, of course we stopped for some photo opportunities along the way! We eventually made the call to head further west to the B75 and head north for Echuca and attempt to get on the back side of the storms for better lighting.

Along the way we had beautiful Mammatus cloud formations under the anvil of the storm along with plenty of CG strikes in the fields nearby. As luck would have it new cell development took place behind the cell we were on with a developing wall cloud and we decided this was our shot and trailed to Echuca, VIC before crossing the border into NSW. We eventually pulled over and were treated to the best Mammatus formation that we have ever seen in Australia, highlighted by a fantastic sunset under the anvil which enhanced the contrast and colour.

As night began to fall, we moved a bit further north and found new storm anvils to the west going up. Eventually one developed into a LP supercell as night took hold and we finished the day off with an amazing lightning display and the silhouette of the supercell visible in almost every shot!

It was an incredibly long but rewarding day on the road, covered about 700km all up and gained some truly unforgettable memories!

Special thanks also goes out to Karl Hircock for assisting remotely with forecasts and keeping us up to date on the road!